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  • Adding files to Visual Studio Online using VS 2013 Community edition

    In this post I will show you how to add the newly created files to the repository, in this case Visual Studio online account we had created in the earlier post which you can refer here.

    In the blank solution we had created earlier and I have added one project and some files to it. The newly added files can be identified by the + plus appearing next to the filename in the solution explorer.

    You may wonder that, why are you getting the red lines appearing under the solution/project/file name in your solution explorer. That’s because I have installed an extention know as the productivity tools for Visual Studio , which will show these lines if it contains any sort of build errors during the editing phase itself. One of the main reason that I shifted to the community edition from the express edition is that it supports most the features like these found in the paid versions. If you are interested in these type of tools, you can to the site here and download it.



  • To exclude commented code when using Find and Replace in Visual Studio


    You can use regex along with the search term as  given below

    ^(?![ \t]*((\/\/)|(\/\*))).*your_search_term

    and don’t forget to check the Use Regular Expression option in the Find dialog box.


    vs find and replace

  • Hosting your first project in Visual Studio Online and Getting started with Visual Studio 2013 Communtiy edition

    During last week’s Connect event, Microsoft surprised us with a lot announcements such as moving up more and more things to open source, plans to make ASP.NET cross-platform and a free edition of a Visual Studio named Visual Studio Community 2013. Unlike the express versions for all the flavours such as web, desktop we have till now, the Community edition is a full featured edition of Visual Studio with curbs on use for enterprise development. It supports features like extensions which was sorely missed in the express edition and is perfectly suitable for developers like me and small business houses. Till now we have to use different incarnation of express editions of Visual Studio if you are not using their paid tools, but in community edition we are able to develop application for Web, Windows, Phone, Cloud, iOS, etc.  If you interested then you can go here to read more on this and click here to go to the download page.

    Another great free service from Microsoft is Visual Studio Online, which leverages the capabilities of Team Foundation Server and can be used as the repository for all your development projects. If comes with support for five users in the free tier, supports various editors such as Eclipse, Xcode and of course Visual Studio. Please go through this link to know more about the service.

    In this post I am going to show how can we host and mange a project created in VS 2013 Community edition in Visual Studio Online right from the IDE itself.

    Step 1

    Create an account with Microsoft account at and follow the steps mentioned in the screenshots.




    Step 2 

  • Model First Development Using EF 5.0 – Updating the Model

    In my earlier post, Getting started with Model First development using EF, I have shown you to create a database from the model class and how to persist the data to the database. In the second part of the series, I am going to show how the changes made to the underlying database can be reflected in the model class.


    So let’s try to add a column to our user table.

    ADD Gender Varchar(5)


  • Creating apps with redesigned App Studio

    Recently Microsoft has updated App Studio with redesigned UI, a rebuilt emulator, image conversion and more templates. Also the site has become more touch friendly which enables you to design and create app from your touch first devices like phone, phablet, tablet etc. With this changes there are some variations made to the workflow from the earlier one and with this post I am going to help you in creating apps using the new interface.


    When you login to the refurbished website for the first time, all your apps will be automatically regenerated so that all the apps confronts to the changes made to the website and your new dashboard will be like the image given below.




    For creating a new project, click on the Create New Project link and you will be redirected to the template page, where you will have the option to select a pre-defined template or an empty template using which you can start from the scratch.




  • Getting Strated with Model First Development using Entity Framework.

    What is Model First ?


    In Model First approach you will create a model of your domain entity using the EF designer and then generate database schema based on it. It stores the meta data in a EDMX file and model classes that interact with our business objects are automatically created from this EDMX file.

    Let’s create a small console application for demonstrating this approach and name the project as EFModelFirst.




    I am using VS 2012 and with EF 5.0.0 which can be downloaded from nugget using the command in your package manager console as shown below.




  • Creating WP Apps Using App Studio

    App Studio is a great offering from Microsoft which let you to create a Windows Phone app in quick time and that too without writing a single line of code. It lets you to create create apps using the available templates in the site and also enables you to download the auto generated source code, if you want to take it up further.

  • Connecting SkyDrive with your Windows Phone 8 App

    Continuing with my on going series of posts on Windows Phone app development, I will help you to integrate SkyDrive in your app with this post. I will be explaining the steps using an app of mine which I had released some time ago and now is in the process of updating it with voice commands support and cloud storage. In my earlier two posts I had explained the steps that are needed for implementing voice commands and speech-to-text input.

    To start with you need to create an app with Live Connect Developer Center for connecting SkyDrive with your apps. It acts as a one stop location forall the apps which needs to connect to SkyDrive, and Skype. Go to My Apps section from the dashboard and click on the Create Application link and you will be presented with a page like the one given below.




  • Adding Speech Input to Your Windows Phone App

    In my earlier post I had guided you in implementing voice commands in your Windows Phone app and if you don’t have a clue about what I am talking,  go through my earlier post here.

    For those who doesn’t have time to go through the entire post, here’s a recap.


    You can implement speech support in your own app very easily by following the steps given below.

    1. Create a VCD file(Voice Command Dictionary), which essentially is a XML file containing the commands your app supports

    2. Load created command file at the start up.

    3  Deploy the app to the inbuilt emulator or to your device, hold the windows button until Speech dialog is displayed and speak the command you specified in your VCD file and Windows Phone will open the app for you.


    As I mentioned earlier I had deployed a simple note taking application in the marketplace and along with this series of posts I am implementing speech recognition support in it.

    In the last post I had already shown you to implement voice commands and now let’s get started with the coding for in-app speech to text integration.


  • How to enable voice commands in your Windows Phone 8 App

    Microsoft has enhanced the speech capabilities in Windows Phone in the Windows Phone 8 SDK and with the Bing team releasing their API for developers I decided to upgrade my first ever app developed for Windows Phone 7. Also I was getting feedback from the users to update as well as add new features in it. So to start with it I am incorporating voice commands to the app and will explain the steps needed for the same for including in your app too.

    Windows phone 8 supports both speech recognition and text-to-speech functionalities for interaction with the users. With the Voice Commands feature, users will be able to instruct the phone to initiate operations that you normally do by touch.

    First you need to make sure that you had added the capabilities for speech recognition and microphone in the WpAppManifest.xml either by checking the boxes in the property editor or by manually adding the following lines in the XML file

    <Capability Name="ID_CAP_SPEECH_RECOGNITION"/>
    <Capability Name="ID_CAP_MICROPHONE"/>

    Microsoft has enhanced the speech capabilities in Windows Phone in the Windows Phone 8 SDK and with the Bing team releasing their API for developers I decided to upgrade my first ever app developed for Windows Phone 7. Also I was getting feedback from the users to update as well as add new features in it. So to start with it I am incorporating voice commands to the app and will explain the steps needed for the same for including in your app too.

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