Installing Visual Studio Code in Windows 10

Visual Studio Code or VS Code is modern light weight editor from Microsoft for developing apps in a variety of languages. It's cross platform and can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac natively. Also it's free for all to use and the source is hosted publicly at GitHub.

You can download the installer from which is around 29 MB in size and will take around 115 MB in your disk when the installation is completed

The full system requirements are here. Please make sure that you go through it before doing the installation on your machine.

Let's begin the install by double clicking on installer

Specify the location where VS Code needs to be installed. Will default the path in the drive where Windows is installed. If you want you change it to another location by typing in the box or using the browse button select the folder you want

In this page , we will specify the caption for the text needs to be displayed in the Start menu. If you don't it to show up in the menu, tick the checkbox in the bottom

In this page you can configure additional options, like adding it to the context menu, creating desktop icon etc. By default the context options will be unchecked by default.

In this page it will show the summary of selection we made so far and it will start installing the application. 

Once it's finshed, the summary page will be shown, from here you will have the option to open the VS Code, otherwise click on Finish and go to the start menu to open the editor.


When you open VS Code for the first time, you will get a screen as shown below.


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