D - Day : Welcome to the Windows Era

With the clock now past the midnight to ring in July 29th, Microsoft went live with the release of Windows 10 worldwide in 190 countries and in 111 languages. The upgradation will start in each country by  12.00 AM and the rollout process will happen in batches and in a staged manner, so those who reserved their copies don't get worried about the upgrade for the time being, it will be coming to your machines very soon. Also the links for ISO files are also now live, but the catch here is that you will need the serial number during the installation process, for those who have that right now they can proceed with the installation using the iso files. The instructions and links for the iso files can be found here.

Currently there is a workaround for those who have reserved the copy for Windows 10 and yet to see the update, please find this post in the Windows Central site. I haven't tried this one yet, so proceed with this at your own risk if have ran out of patience. In the meantime you go through these links which has in depth reviews, tip and tricks, help guides etc

  1. Windows 10 FAQ
  2. Windows 10 Official Blog
  3. Windows 10 review by Windows Central
  4. Review by Neowin.net
  5. Windows 10 Quick Guide
  6. Windows 10 Help, Tips & Tricks
  7. Articles by Tech Repository on Windows 10
  8. Nine Important Things in Windows 10 by The Verge

Watch this space for more on my upgradation experience and till then have fun with the ninja cat

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