D-10 : The Mail App

Another app which made it's debut in Windows 8 was the Mail app and it was one of the most useful one among the apps released with the OS. With Windows 10, it's been rewritten from the scratch to be an universal app with much better experience and features.

The mail app has mainly three sections, the left most one will show the folders in a mail account, the middle one will show the list of mails and the right most one will show contents of the selected mail.

The left portion can be expanded or collapssed by clicking on the hamburger icon as shown below. When you collapse the left menu, all the texts will be replaced with the icons and can clicking on the icons will help you to create new email, select an account and to show folders of the current account.

The left bar also has a task bar at the bottom which has icons for opening the calendar app, feedback app and also to access the options available for mail app. The calendar app and the feedback app will be opened in a seperate windows where as the settings page will be opened inside the mail app only.

The settings page can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the left section and in the page you will have the option to account management, reading and misc options.

Adding new account or managing the already created accounts from the Accounts page. When you click on Accounts link in the settings page, it will show the list of already configured account along with a link for configuring a new account in the same place. You can go back to the previous page by clicking on the back button place along side the title.

When you click on the Add Account link, a window will open asking for the type of the account you need to configure. The new app now supports Office 365, Exchange, Google Accounts as well as POP. In this case I chose to configure a Microsoft account, and once it's successfully validates the credentials all your mail start syncing.

The reading pane has the options for setting auto opening of next item as well as how to set an email as read

In the options pane, you will have options for setting up the quick actions which is useful when you are using the app from a touch enabled device. Along with that you will have options for setting up the mail signature or enabling automatic replies.

Now let's look more into details of other two sections, the listing section will have icons for searching the mail, synchronzing mail account and select all option. Other that each individual main item will icons for deleting as well as marking. 

When the user click on a mail in the list, the right window will show the contents of the mail along with options for Reply, Reply All, Forward, Delete, Marking as well as additional options such as navigation, printing and zoomin.


New mails can be composed by clicking on the New Email link which will open up a editor in the right pane and editor has got a lot of improvements when compared to Windows 8 app. Along with the formatting option the title bar has links for sending the mail as well as discarding the draft.

This was a small overview of the new mail app, which is definitely faster, better navigation and helps you to manage all emails from one place.

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