D-05 : Get in touch with Microsoft using the Feedback App

Windows 10 now includes a feeback app, again an universal one for sending you suggestions and issues directly to Microsoft rather than through websites or forums. The app has two sections, all the categories will be listed in the left side and right side has a panoramic control which list the topics in different categories such as Trending, Most Recent and Upvotes. Additional options include searching for topics by typing in the box provided and also for filtering the resultset.

When you type inside the search box the results will be automatically updated based on the keywords in the box. The resultset will show the current status of the issue/suggestion along with an option to upvote the feedback if you are also facing the same issue.

The options available in the filters for narrowing the result set are My Build, Suggestion, Problems and My Feedback

If I choose My build then the result set will be based of the current build of Windows 10 where as My Feedback will show the issues/suggestion raised by me.

The home page of the Feedback app also has a button for adding a new one too. The New Feedback screen will have the following options shown in the image below. It also has built in functionality for taking screenshots as much as you like and attaches it to the feedback.

When you click on the Take Screenshot button, two icon will appear on the top left corner of the screen. One with camera icon is used to take the screenshot and for taking multiple ones keep clicking on the icon. Once you are done with you needs to click on the stop icon which will then automatically attaches all the images to the feedback and it will also appear in the page. If you want to remove any one of the attached images, click on the X button in the top right corner of the attached image.

Once the feedback is submitted you will be presented with the thank you page with a button to go back to the home page of the app.


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