D-03 : Windows Insider App

The Windows Insider program was launched by Microsoft to onboard people who were interested in trying out the latest operating system from them. Since the debacle of Windows 8, Microsoft also wanted to erase all the negativity surrounding their flagship product. So instead of releasing beta version now and then, the users needed to get registered with them in the Windows Insider program site to get hold of the future builds for Windows 10. As time went on Microsoft released an universal app for the program, which enabled the users to get access to the notifications and announcements as part of the core experience itself. In the earlier builds the app was available for download from the store itself, but with the recent builds the app became part of the OS itself and now can be installed from optional features section. The insider app will not be installed by default and users needs to manually install them if he wants to be a part of the insider program.

You can add an optional feature from the Settings app and in this case I am using the search functionality in the app to add a new feature. Clicking on the Add a optional feature in the search list will take you to the Manage Optional features page from where the user will have the option for adding.

Clicking on the Add a Feature link will show you a page which will list all the optional features available for the user. From there choose Insider Hub and click on the install button to start the installation. If you go back to the manage features page, you can track the progress of the installation. Once the installation is completed the Insider Hub app can be accessed from the start bar or by typing in the search bar in the task bar.


The insider app also has similar design like the other built in universal apps, with the left section having links for Insider Hub, Announcements, Alerts and Profile. The hamburger icon can be used to hide and collapse the left section and menu bar in the right side will have options for sharing, registering feedback as well as Copy link to clipboard options along with links for Privacy Statement and Terms of use.

The Insider hub page acts like a dashboard from where you can access various quests as well as profile and announcements. Quests are like little quizzes which help you to get accustomed with the various features in the software and does have option to register the feedback about the same.

The announcements page will show all the notifications from Microsoft regarding the preview builds and various offers related to it. The unread notifications willl appear in bold in the list to help the user to easily distingush those. The alerts page will have that needs to be actioned by the user such as expiry of the current build or pending verification of the connected accounts etc will appear there.

The profile page will list all your achivements and badges which you get while completing various quests and other milestones. It will also list the number of feedback you have submitted as well as the number of upvotes got for your feedback.

So with the Insider app, you can help Microsoft in building better and reliable software by providing timely feedback as well as suggestions for improving the experience. It will also help you to get access to pre release software much earlier than general public.

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