D-01 : Windows is Free

This one statement was the biggest surprise from Microsoft since they announced their plans to release the next version of Windows to the masses. Yes, you heard it right, they are giving it free for all for a year from the date of the launch and anyone wishes to install after that will need to shell out some money. They will be providing support and unlimited access to updates also for those who jumped in the first year too.

The dwindling sales of the desktops and laptops as well as the poor response to previous version may have forced Microsoft to take this step. But as more and more services and enterprises embracing the cloud and the future plans for Windows as a Service will help Microsoft to gain the lost ground in the long term.

So do I need to really really upgrade even if the offer is tempting ?

Windows XP, Vista

If you are running on Windows XP, then you should really upgrade it. We all know it was one of the best product to come out of Microsoft, but it has reached the end of the life cycle long back and also it was developed prior to Web 2.0 and there are many shortcomings in the OS to run in the modern web era.

Windows 7

If you are running on Windows 7, then it will be a difficult option to switch. If you are okay with the OS, then there is no need to upgrade right now. Windows 10 still has some feature from Windows 8.0/8.1 and if you are not going to use any one of them, then stick with the current one. But if you want to exploit the under the hood features of Windows 8 such as faster boot up time, improved task manager, one drive syncing and additional features such as Cortana, Virtual Desktops , then go for it. You won't find much difference between the two softwares and will get you going from the day one itself.

Windows 8/8.1

Should upgrade. Windows 10 removes most of the annoying things in Windows 8/8.1 and it's now much more user friendly for non-touch input when compared to the previous version. 

Also the free upgrade can be done only for the ones having a valid license of Windows XP/7/8. If you are running a pirated version then Microsoft will allow you to upgrade to Windows 10, but still it will be an unlicensed one.

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